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After recording two ground breaking studio albums The Modern Exposition has begun a series of live performances demonstrating a brand new mix of folk, classical and electronic music.

Based around a catalogue of completely original folk tunes the sound of the Exposition has developed around traditional instruments like the mandolin, melodeon and hurdy gurdy, merged with classical strings and cutting edge electronica.
We like to sing and chant in the artificial language, 'Esperanto'. This is purely the result of an unlikely accident that instantly worked.

The result of this project: A unique and cinematic sound that belongs to no genre but is accessible to anyone with a love of music.

 Simultaneously ancient and futuristic. cio estas mirinda

'Unique in its gentle power to draw out fond memories from the jaded mind and leave one thoroughly satisfied with one's lot - a rare quality indeed. ' Abi Rhodes

You can talk to us here: contact@themodernexposition.com

More special edition copies of Now Is The Future coming very soon. Strictly limited edition in wooden boxes with brass inlay. Email for availability.


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